a portray of traditional family businesses in Tarlabaşı, threatened with extinction due to urban transformation.

Tarlabaşı project is a prime example for this type of faulty renewal projects. One can only conclude that the Tarlabaşı Urban Renewal Project, despite its claims, was never intended to benefit the poor and ethnic minority population of the neighbourhood. The actual intention of the project was to evict the poor and powerless and claim choice real estate for the wealthy global elites.
— M. L. Turanalp Uysal & N. Korostoff in Tarlabaşı , Istanbul: a case study of unsustainable urban transformation

Yanuz Ağdas, 58 years, Hilal Metal

Murat Kadioğus, 37 years, Hilal Metal

Orhan Ertan, 52 years, Ertan Kaporta Ve Boya Atolyesi

 Mehmet Sidik Demir, 44 years, Bakkalci

Mehmet Sidik Demir, 44 years, Bakkalci