God williNG

אינשאללה / so gott will / inşallah / انشاالله

"if god wills" or "god willing" is an expression of humbleness and devotion reflecting the belief that the metaphysical may always surpass all human will. used by Jews, Muslims and Christians it illustrates the historical connection between these three religions, albeit their differential ideological development.

this series tries to highlight said differences by taking a closer look at how religion is exercised in various places of worship, while not only looking at religion itself, but rather asking ourselves the question what it means to be united in faith and united in fatalism.





keeping an eye out
Tel Aviv - Jaffa, 2015


no cars on Shabbat
Jerusalem, 2015


Torah lessons and prayers at the Western Wall: some pupils seem to be bored, some of them to be in deep thoughts. however, noone is disrupting the awed atmosphere.
Jerusalem, 2015

father and son at Souq Al Qattanin
Jerusalem, 2015





nobody speaks. Care is taken to leave enough space for your neighbor. a place of silent reflection.
Basiliek van Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Ten-hemelopneming, Maastricht, 2018


nun on a tricycle
maastricht, 2018


force majeur
earthquake-damaged church, Kos, 2017


Holy Jesus & Money
Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, 2018




light & darkness

maranjab desert, kashan, 2017


insights of a holy shrine near Kashan, iran. here, religion takes place in a collective frame: kids are playing catch, the elderlies are drinking cay, some are sleeping, some are praying. it's a site of social interaction.
aran va bidgol, Isfahan Province, 2017


open fields
tehran, 2017


süleymaniye mosque, Istanbul, 2017